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    A minusOverall Rating

    A "Thousand" Great Memories

    Years ago, I was part of the most incredible sales team @ Thousand Trails,Acton,Ca.and it makes me feel so bad to read awful reviews.....The Thousand Trails I know was a bit of family,wonderful new friends,happy members,pancake breakfast and a piece of paradise not far from home.It's a real shame other companies come in take over...they don't care about the member's,..they don't keep the park up and they unfortunately ruin a piece of paradise for everybody.I don't know why this company doesn't seem to even care about their reputation, integrity or,how unprofessional they are in the industry... I cannot honestly'just stand by,without reminding any member that is not a (100%)happy with a resort location..it's your right to inform who is in charge at that resort location,that is what your 'member due's'are for..it is the company,in charge job to "fix it"..their 'sole'responsibility to do whatever it may be.I'VE many times,thought about all the fun times I had in the park sitting with member's in their R.V. That time was some of the best times I've ever had in my Life. Happy Trails ?? ??