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This place is a ghost town filled with abandoned trailers. I would hardly call it a campground. The pool is in the woods surrounded by trees. The basketball court has 2 substitute roll away courts because they're too lazy to change the nets on the fixed baskets. There is no store on site, you are not permitted to bring your own fired wood, the lake is a swamp with floating sludge and absolutely no amenities nor activities. The owners are annoying. They come around way too often. I took a walk down to the creek with the kids and before I knew it I had the owner behind me asking me what I was doing.... Are you kidding me? I did not feel safe in this place at all. There is no one at the entrance at night and no gate either so who is stop a pyscho from entering at night? No lights, no cameras and no staff. One of my children fell over an above the ground water line in the middle of a site and busted her lip. It's obvious to me why this place is almost abandoned. The owners are too cheap to make improvements that would make this place an attractive destination. I would rough it at Bear Mt before coming back to this place. If you are looking for a real campground DON'T go the Berentsens. It should be called the worst camping in the Catskills.

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Reviewed 05/30/2014