Apple River Hideaway

712-170th Avenue
Somerset, WI 54025

(715) 247-3230

Not Recommended
Dangerous place with uncaring owners
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What started out to be a fun weekend for me and my sis celebrating her graduation turned into a nightmare we will live with the rest of my lives. Soon after we arrived we went to the concession/bar area. We walked in and sat at the bar. The bartender (later we were told it was one of the owners) asked what we would like. It was hot and we asked if they had any 'freezie' type drinks. She mixed us up an alcoholic concoction that was quite good so we had a few of them. At no time did she card us, which surprised me since my sister was underage and looked about 14 in her pigtails and shorts. Upon leaving we were told we should return later because it got quite busy and fun. She then put wristbands on us and told us it would save standing in line. We returned later and again sat at the bar and had some jello shots (understand that neither of us usually drink so we asked for drinks that didn't taste of alcohol). Later in the evening I left to go to the bathroom which was not in the bar. I waited in line about 15 minutes and upon my return my sister was gone. To make a long ugly story short something was put in sis's drink, she was carried from the bar and raped. She was found naked and dazed with no recollection of what happened. When the owner 'Mike' was told of what happened all he did was make excuses and blame it on her. He said he was 100% sure she used a fake ID to get into the bar and he could prove it by his 'extensive video surveillance'. The sheriff got involved and it was proven my sister was abused and raped. The sheriff asked for the tapes and the owner said 'for some odd reason the cameras weren't working that night'. How convenient for him. To save his own tail he would rather the rapist go free and to heck with my sister who has suffered physical and emotional problems ever since that horrible night. The owners showed no sympathy then nor did they ever check on her after the incident. They are horrible people that care about your money not you.

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Reviewed 05/03/2015